Eastern NC – What It’s Like Where I Live

© 2013 Sheila Turnage, Inc.

Most people know North Carolina for the beaches along the east coast, and for the Great Smoky Mountains in the western part of the state. But like Mo and Dale, I grew up on NC’s lush coastal plain, about an hour from the beach.  

If you visit Mo’s NC (and mine), you’ll find farms of corn, cotton, soybeans and tobacco. Dense pine forests, slow-moving rivers, and small towns.  

The land here is flat, rich, and often marshy.  

In summer it’s hot and humid – like living in a greenhouse. (Expect your hair to go feral. Mine does.) Hurricanes sometimes roar ashore in summer and fall.

Occasionally it snows in winter. When we see the first snowflake fall, we usually close everything and go home.  – Sheila